Adb and Fastboot commands

In this list, you will find some regurarly used ADB and Fastboot commands, with some explanation on them, what do they do.


In order to use the commands below, you’ll need the Minimal ADB and Fastboot program installed.
You can download it from HERE.

When installing the program choose such a folder, that you can copy a few GB sized files into it.
You should copy the files you are want to flash into this folder, because it’s much easier to type only the name, instead of the full path of the files.
After flashing these files can be removed from the folder.

After the installer has finised, you’ll find a shortcut in your Desktop, but you can use the MAF32.exe in the install-folder to fire up the command line.

ADB commands:

  • adb devices – shows all connected devices.
  • adb reboot bootloader – reboots into Bootloader mode.
  • adb reboot recovery – reboots into Recovery mode.
  • adb push forrásfájlnév /célfájlnév – “pushes” a file from the PC to the phone. You can instantly rename the pushed file as well.
    Example: adb push /
  • adb pull forrásfájl célhely – “pulls” a file from the phone to the PC. You cannot rename the pulled file. You should use full paths as destination instead if relative ones.
    Example: adb pull /sdcard/text.txt C:\
  • adb logcat – displays the logcat generated by the phone, in real time. To escape the log, press Ctrl + C .
  • adb logcat > célfájl – saves the logcat log into a file in the PC. If you want to save the log to the system drive (C:\), you’ll need to start up the command line as Administrator.
    Example: adb logcat > C:\logcat.txt
  • adb version – shows the currently running ADB server’s version number.
  • adb start-server – starts the ADB server.
  • adb kill-server – stops the ADB server.

Fastboot commands:

  • fastboot devices – shows all connected devices in Fastboot mode.
  • fastboot flash partíció forrásfájl – flashes an .img file to the given partition. Warning! Please be extra carefully when typing the partition names and image file names, because a typo can break your phone for good.
    Example: fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  • fastboot reboot – restarts the phone normally.
  • fastboot reboot-bootloader – restarts the Fastboot mode.