What is the use of the Huawei Update Extractor, and how to use it?

Since Huawei publishes their updates, and stock ROMs in a special format, a special program was needed to extract the Fastboot flashable files from it.
The Huawei Update Extractor does exactly that, which is made by wrostenbrood, from the XDA Forums.
You can find the original topic of the program HERE.

The program has quite a small size, and using it is very easy.

You will only need to work with 2 sections, one’s for selecting the wanted UPDATE.APP file, and load it into the program, the other’s the list of it’s items.
There’s also a Profile selector which comes in handy, when the default profile somehow is not working with our UPDATE.APP file, but in our case, the default unknown profile will do the trick.

If the UPDATE.APP is selected, and loaded, a list appears of it’s items.
Right-clicking a file in the list will bring up an action-menu, where you can:

  • Extract the selected files
  • Extract all the files
  • Create a flashable .zip file from the selected files

If you need one or two files, you should extract just those, and not the whole UPDATE.APP file.

At most times, you’ll need only 4 files from it:


After extracting those files, you’ll notice that additional files will appear next to them, and these are so called HEADER files. You will only need these files, if you will want to repack the modified files into an UPDATE.APP again, which is unlikely.
You can do like 2 useful thing with these extracted files: extract them again, in order to modify the ROM/Recovery/System, and the other use is flashing them via Fastboot.

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  1. Üdv!
    Nekem olyan gondom akadt, hogy a Huawei Update Extractor nem úgy működik, ahogy kellene….Sem a Cust.img-t, sem a System.img-t nem bontja ki. Olyan mintha lefagyna. Csak a feladatkezelővel tudom bezárni. A legfrissebb telepíthető verzió van fent, illetve leszedtem a futtatható legfrissebbet is. Mindkettővel így járok Win 7 alatt…
    Van valami ötleted? Mert így csak sérült fájlokat hoz létre…

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